Subj: This had to be Abba's doings..grin 
Date: 3/26/2004 4:05:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Sherry,
I have to share this one!! Grin. It has to of been
Abba's doing! LOL
I'm too clueless on this elf wave subject to have
known about it!

I read this from your blog pages...
"I just put up website #11 at
<> It's something
that the Lord has led me and others into over the past
several months. It's something He showed me last year
but I thought it was just something "out there" and
ignored it. (Aluminum and Copper Quartz Crystals) "

Hold on to your hat! Hahaha. I was thinking one time
not to long ago about a article someone wrote about
people being "way out there and likly are some nuts
wareing a aluminum hat!" 

WELL I Laughted and said to Father I'ts a wonder I'm
not setting here wearing a tinflod cap my self!

That when he replyed and reminded me I live in a
Aluminum trailer! I about fell out! LOL

Now he's added to that I not only live in an aluminum
trailer. I over the years have hauled in rocks
containing Quartz Crystals..there all over the yard!
LOL And guess where my old copper pennies are! LOL

YEP outside. I had so many of them, I started setting
out jars and my wooded bird house banks, all outside!
I'm roll'n here! laughting so hard!  I'm surrounded
by(Aluminum and Copper Quartz Crystals)  Hahahaha!

and I'd never heard of elf waves! before! Giggle..
So blessed to be his!

If you want to share this testimony on your page feel
free to added it!!

Sunny :)


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