How To Protect Ourselves In These Last....And Coming...Days


You can anoint your homes and property with holy oil but it wears off and you have to keep re-doing it. With Orgone it never wears off! It's a constant energy from Yah, an Ether energy that is the living energy and building force/block of all living things.

There are various ways to protect yourself, Calling on Yahuah, the Most High, Using Orgone, Mylar blankets, or learning Spiritual Warfare Prayers.

When I asked HIM how to protect myself against high tech satellite weapon attacks, Elf weapons, demonic and alien beings He led me to Orgone and Mylar.



Orgone Water Blasting!

You can make Ether Energy Orgone charged water very easily and then use it to burn and destroy the coming aliens and giants.

Just put a few Orgone Blasters in a bucket or barrel of water and let it sit for 1-2 days to saturate the water good.

Then fill up your water gun with it and you'll have protection!

If you have a pool or a pond you can put Orgone Blasters in those as well and let it saturate in the water for a few days.

I would put at least 2 blasters in a bucket, 3 in a barrel, and more for a larger source like a pool or a pond.


You can also 'super charge' the water by adding REAL Salt   or at Amazon

Don't use the useless poisoned salt they sell in grocery stores. Use perhaps about a tablespoon of Real Salt per gallon of water.






Water Sports DB-1500 Double Barrel Stream Machine

Shoots up to 70 feet!



Water Sports Boat Buddy for Stream Machine

Use as an attachment for the Double Barrel Stream machine water gun and you won't have to worry about running out of water! You can stick the suction hose in a bucket or barrel of prepared orgone water, pool, pond, etc..





Getting Attacked by Satellite Weapons? Put Mylar blankets over your windows! Especially your bedroom window, they love to attack you while you're sleeping! If you wake up feeling "fried" then you need Mylar over your windows.



Tired of being bothered, harassed and afflicted by Satan, demonic, alien, and black op military forces? Stand up and do something about it and put a stop to it!

Some Simple Warfare Prayers....

Dear Heavenly Father....I ask in Yahushua's Name that you...


...fry and melt the computer chips and circuit boards operating the equipment being used to afflict me and my brethren. ...cause the airplanes and drones being used to purposely spray poisons in our skies to malfunction and crash to the earth. ...cause chaos and derision amongst Satan's forces and human cohorts.
...cause their high tech weapon satellites and spyware being used against me and my brethren to cease from working beyond recovery and repair. ...erase all the files and cause the computers to malfunction beyond recovery and repair that are being used to compile databases against me and my brethren. ...chain and cast into the abyss all those who are stalking me in my home whether they are alien, demon, or human.


Fun Things To Do As A Warrior For The Most High




Spiritual Warfare 101


Feeling afraid? Start Praising Yahuah, the Most High Want to feel the instant presence of Yahuah's Holy Spirit? Start Praising Him Under mind assault and oppression? Ask Yahuah to keep you from all evil.

Being harassed with demonic night terrors? Ask Yahuah to chain them and cast them into the abyss.

Are you a sincere truthseeker? Ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you. Ask Him every day.

Can you hear His Voice? Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him. He speaks to your heart not your head. Ask Him every day.




MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement

This stuff has 101 uses...and it's real easy to use. I put 3 drops in a half-teaspoon of lemon juice, let it sit for 3 minutes, then add an ounce of pineapple, grape, or apple juice and drink it. Do this 3 times a day. I think this is the recommended amount for kids, but I use it this way as well, any more than 3 drops of MMS and it's going to make you nauseous so I just stick with 3 drops at a time.

Knocks out flu's, colds, whatever bug you come down with! They sell citric acid on the website, but I just buy lemon juice at the store and use that.

If you get sick you need this. And we all get sick. This is good to stock up on for the coming pandemics and plagues.

   See the website or go straight to an order page at



Thieves Oil was known to protect thieves and grave robbers from the Black Death/Bubonic Plague. You might want to stock up on it now while it's available.







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