How To Make Your Own Orgone Blasters


Wrap the coil in a clockwise direction, then snip it...when you look at it the motion is moving 'forward' in a clockwise direction...

You can use a foil roasting pan to cut up into pieces, just fold them into 1/2 inch to 1 inch chunks and flatten the pieces. If you're making a lot of blasters, you'll want to order aluminum shavings or find some good quality ones, these foil pans are a lot of work.



** The coil may look like it's being wound counterclockwise but the motion is moving forward...wind it clockwise and then snip the wire For visual purposes from the bottom to the top of the coil it resembles walking up a winding staircase.



Clear Quartz Crystals - 1 - 2  inch are best so you can place them inside the coil. The more crystals the more power.  If you have smaller crystals put 2-4 inside the coil and perhaps one on each side of it.  If I have small crystals I put a palm full in each coil/muffin.

Metal Shavings - shredded aluminum or shredded titanium and .  You can add pre-1983 pennies at the top for an extra copper power boost. Using pre-1983 pennies are best. You can get creative here. You can get metal shavings from metal shops that sell them, or you can use aluminum foil roasting pans from the grocery store. If using roasting pans cut them up in 2 inch pieces and roll them up into  -  one inch or 1/2 inch pieces. Fold them into small pieces and flatten them down. Roasting pans can be a lot of work and if too light will float to the top when you pour resin. My advice is to find a heavier aluminum to use.

Copper Wire - you can get 500 sq/ft rolls of copper at home improvement stores. I like 14 or 12 gauge. It's coated, so I just strip the coating off with a utility knife.  Cut off about 6 inches and wrap it around something that's at least an inch or two wide like a PVC pipe. Wrap it clockwise around the pipe then slide it off and set it into the center of your pan or cup.  You want to use bare copper wire. You will want to use the heavier 14, 12, or even 10 gauge. I strip about 50 feet of wire, then wrap it around a PVC pipe and then snip it after about ever 3 rings of coil to fit into the muffin pan.

Resin - I use auto bondo fiberglass resin. It's easy to find at any place that sells auto parts. Even Walmart has it. You can buy a quart or a gallon. It comes with a small tube of hardner. It's easiest to mix the entire thing at one time then try to guess proper amounts of the resin/hardner to use. You can get 12 muffin pan OB's out of a quart. Don't mix the resin till you're ready to pour it. It dries quickly and will get lumpy and hard if you don't use it right away after putting the hardner in it. Do not mix the resin in plastic. It gets to hot and dries much faster in plastic.  I use old aluminum coffee cans.

12 cup Muffin pan  or glass molds with a oval top to them, like a sundae dish, candle votive holder, or parfait glass.


With vegetable oil or non-stick cooking spray grease or spray the pan or glass molds you are using.

To keep the resin from drying to quick just add your ingredients into your pan or molds first then pour resin over the top of it all at once. I spray the pan, put all the ingredients in each muffin hole, and then pour the resin over the top all at once over the holes.

If you're using pennies for extra copper then put the penny in the center of muffin hole and add some metal shavings on top of it, add the coil on top of it and put crystals inside the coil, then put a little more shaving on top of that.. (If you're using a gallon at a time mixed up you might want to prepare the muffin tins first, the resin can dry and harden before you get to it otherwise). 

For the coil cut off about 6-8 inches of the Copper wire and wrap it around 2 fingers or a PVC pipe clockwise and slide off  placing the coil in center of muffin. Place some copper shavings around the coil (if using a 18 gauge wire) and add 2-3 crystals inside the coil (depends on size of crystal here). Looser, wider coils give me more power than tightly wound coils.

 I like to put crystals both inside and around the coil if they're small crystals. I prefer the larger 1 inch crystals and I just place one or two inside the coil.

Fill to 1/3 of top of muffin pan with the ingredients.

Pour resin over. Let it absorb, then pour more resin over it to fill it.

Let it dry. Probably about one hour. Then take out of pan   let them dry longer.

Make in a well ventilated area, outside or in a garage.

If you're mailing them, wrap them in foil.

copyright @Sherry Shriner


 Pipe Blasters - Copper Pipes


I like making pipes for water supplies such as creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Small Blaster Pipes 1 3/4 to 2" inches wide

2" pipes are the best but in some states those can be hard to find so use       1 3/4" copper pipes. I like them about 2 feet long. You might have to cut it down if the stores don't sell them that short. Lowe's sells 1 3/4" by 5 feet. I just cut them in half. Sometimes at Lowe's you can find the 2" pipes. Some carry them, some don't.

I do about 4 pipes at a time if they're the smaller ones. I place all 4 in a coffee can (lean them up against something to hold them up) and then pour resin at the bottom of the coffee can, enough to cover about a quarter-inch of the pipes at the bottom. Then let  it dry. This makes a nice strong base for the pipes so you can continue working on them.

Put some shavings down each pipe, then about 4 or 5 inches of coil, then some crystals down inside the coil..just drop them down the pipe. Put a few more shavings on top then pour some resin over it to cover it. Repeat layers all the way up the top of the pipe(s).

Leave about 2 inches of empty space at the top of the pipe.

Monster Blaster Pipes 2" wide by 5 feet long

1 Gallon metal pail approximately..

Set the pipe in the center of the pail. Load the inside of the pail with 3-4 inch crystals, aluminum shavings, and about a half gallon of resin. Repeat this layer and top with another 1/2 gallon of resin. Let it harden.

You're going to have to use your imagination to get the pipe to stay in the center of the pale while you're working on the base...I leaned it up against the work bench..then when drying I played with it and had it standing up being held between boards and chairs to make it stay straight in the pail.

Now the pipe will stay in place.

Now you can layer the pipe. Do it in sections of crystals wrapped in coil, about 2 inch crystals, or 2-3 inch crystals..aluminum shavings and resin. You can use a funnel to pour the resin into the pipe. Let the resin soak and cover the crystal and shavings, then repeat this layer all the way up to about 3/4 of the pipe. It's a process..I did one section at a time and while I was waiting for that to soak good with resin, poured a few muffins while I was waiting...then went back and did another section of the pipe took about 1/2 gal to a full gallon of resin to fill the pipe.

You can wrap it and cover it with vines and leaves to hide the pipe and it's appearance..You also might want to keep it near a door so if it's raining outside you can pull it inside of a garage or shed etc..





 I Really Like These...Nice, Clear Crystals... - good for muffins' just use several per muff.

Some other suppliers...

I also like the 1-inch Item #  #CP-3A $8lb

or Item # JP-TEN at $10 lb

or Item CP-2 at $15 lb or 

When you get them just ask Yah to remove any imperfections in the crystals and make them extremely powerful.



You can get metals for orgone at 

Obviously I don't endorse all the products on these websites but the crystals and aluminum shavings are good for orgone. Use regular alum shavings and not brass coated alum shavings.


Glass Molds I Use For Larger Orgone


Copper Wire

This is bare, solid, copper wire

10, 12, 14 gauge is good...the smaller gauge the thicker


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